28-Day Challenge Days 8, 9, 10, and 11

Nothing very exciting has been going on so I decided to bundle up the last few days into one post.  It’s mostly been work and studying.  I’m super excited about being back in school and am loving my first class.  I am working towards my certificate in Publishing at Ryerson University and my first class is Practical Grammar and Punctuation.  It may sound tedious and boring to some, but I’m enjoying it (I know, I’m a total geek).

I got in some cardio and strength training on Saturday morning, finally focusing on exercise as I said I would this week.  the weather on Saturday morning was beautiful—sunny with a cool breeze—and I couldn’t wait to get out there for a walk.  I power walked 30 minutes listening to some tunes and all felt right with the world.  I’m so happy the nice weather is here.  I love being outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

I tried something different for my strength training session.  I recently came across Tone it Up! a website of strength training workouts by these two fabulous ladies Karena and Katrina.  I found them on YouTube which led me to their website.  They have great strength training workouts of various types and lengths (plus so much more – nutrition, tips and tricks, recipes, etc.).  They just started their summer Bikini Series so I did the total body Bikini Body workout.  Some of the moves were a little difficult for me, but if I couldn’t do something I just substituted a different exercise so I still got the full workout and benefits.

On the food side I did a little grocery shopping and stocked up for the week.  This week I’ll try and share with you some of the dishes I’ve been enjoying.  Right now I’m typically eating a lot of the same things every day, which some people may find boring but it works for me.  As I start to try out more recipes I’m sure my meals will become more diverse.  I say if something works, go for it.

I also indulged maybe a little too much this past weekend.  You let your guard down for one minute and suddenly there is a chocolate chip cookie in your mouth…and then another…and then…well let’s just say I learned my lesson.  Even though I ate a few things I probably shouldn’t have, I’m proud of the way I handled it.  I got right back up off the dirt and kept on moving.  No feeling sorry for this girl!!

She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire

Seriously.  My legs are burning, someone please make them stop.

Today is such a fantastically, beautiful day outside I couldn’t help but want to get out there and enjoy a walk—get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and work up a sweat.  OK, full disclosure, I ate like a pig yesterday and my brother was up at 7:30am to go to his indoor cycling class so I was feeling doubly guilty for just laying on the sofa this morning watching Will and Grace re-runs.

I haven’t been exercising AT ALL over the last few months.  I went to the gym a few times, but that quickly fizzled.  I was much happier curled up on the sofa in the warmth of the apartment rather than going outside into the cold and snow.  Now that the spring time is upon us though, I no longer have any excuse.

I decided this morning I’d walk 5 km.  I got myself dressed, shoes laced up, iPod on and off I trotted out the door.  Sun shining, birds singing, and the cool air kissing my cheek as I power walked my way up the street.  What could go wrong?

As I mentioned, it’s been awhile since I’ve exercised, and while last summer I was doing 5 km walks with no problems, my body doesn’t quite remember that.  In fact my body was in full on amnesia mode this morning.  I’ve outlined a map of my 5 km jaunt this morning:

Walking Map

1. My starting point.  Home base.  Feeling optimistic, energized and ready  to take on 5 km with gusto.

2. I’m 0.7 km in and my body is not so subtly reminding me that it’s been awhile since we’ve done this.  I’m seriously considering turning back.  I press on, determined to at least make it to Guelph Line (#3).

3.  I promise myself that if I can make it this far I will turn around and head back.  It’s a good start, I made a great attempt but I can’t go on.  My legs are burning and my hips are killing me.  Seriously, it’s like someone is stabbing my hips with tiny knives.  Something happens though when I get here.  I must keep going.  For the love of all that is good and holy woman, move those legs!

4.  This is the point at which I’m considering whether to book it the 200 ft down Woodward Avenue to my grandmothers house.  I know if I go there she’ll feel sorry for me, let me lay on the sofa, and feed me lemon loaf.  I also know that if I go in there and lay down, or even sit down, I’ll never want to get back up.

5.  I’m at the halfway point and am suddenly feeling…what is that feeling?  Happiness?  Excitement?  No, it’s pride.  I could have thrown in the towel at a couple of different points but I kept going. GO ME!

6.  I’m moving at a good click now, still feeling it in my legs and hips but unwilling to stop at this point.  I think about new clothes, and more energy, and my thighs not rubbing together…all the good things that come with weight loss.

7.  I am in the home stretch now.  I can hear the crowd chanting my name “Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!”.  I crank up to tunes knowing that pushing myself will help me get home faster.  So I can sit down.  Because my legs are on fire.

8.  I did it—5.14 km in a little over an hour.  This may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but to me it is a big achievement and a sign of bigger and better things to come.

I couldn’t be happier with my walk today.  I got out there and did what I said I was going to do.  I learned not to doubt myself or my abilities.  Just because something gets a little hard doesn’t mean it’s not achievable.  Don’t doubt yourself, believe in yourself.  If I can do it, you can absolutely do it.  I’ll be out there tomorrow morning doing it again.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy this fabulous weekend!

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

I like to get things going.  I love making plans and starting off on the right foot.  I’m an idea girl!!  Grand plans trickle from my brain—

“I’m going to walk 5 km every day this week, and I’m going to paint the whole apartment in three days, and I’m going to go back to school…and then, and then….”

Sometimes I have a hard time with the execution part.  OK, a lot of the time.

I can be a bit of a procrastinator (as evidenced by my failed attempt at blogging for Blogtember), and sometimes what sounded good in my head two days ago, now sounds crazy.  I don’t exactly know what happens in those two days, but somehow my brain wakes up and says “Forget it!!”  Sometimes I seriously wonder if I have some mild form of attention deficit disorder.  Focus Victoria, FOCUS!

Other times though I feel like life is somehow conspiring against me.  This week for example—I wrote a great post on Sunday about not giving up and read some great comments from people who were so amazingly supportive.  I was charged up and ready to go!!  On Monday I followed my eating plan, drank plenty of water, and went for a nice long walk with my Dad.  Way to start the week off right!  Monday evening before I went to bed I felt a little off.  Kind of tired and a little achy, and my throat was scratchy.  Fast forward eight hours and I’m waking up to a sore throat, stiff body and I can barely will myself out of bed.  I’m sick!!!  By end of day Tuesday I had an ear infection and a fever.  Why is it that just when I get myself moving forward I get pushed back down!

We’re now at Thursday and I’m still feeling pretty rough, though better than I was earlier in the week.  I’m going to get back to my walking this weekend and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather we have been having in Southern Ontario!  Beautiful sunny, crisp fall days…I can’t stand missing any more of them.  I can’t let a little sickness slow me down.

Things are pretty busy in my world right now…work is off the charts crazy, I’ve just started Blog School (learning everything I need to about the big, wide world of blogging), working on my writing, and trying to make myself a priority all at the same time.  FOCUS!! 🙂

Up and Out

This morning was awesome.  Seriously awesome.

I never thought I would ever say that about getting up at the crack of dawn and working out, but I’m saying it now.  Awesome.  Sometimes everything just falls into place for me, and this morning it absolutely did.

I got to bed last night at a decent time, got a full night’s sleep, and woke up when my alarm went off at 5:45am.  Most of the time this is the hard part for me.  I hit snooze and linger in bed for awhile, napping on and off until I have to will myself to get out of bed.  This morning I got up, got my running shoes, drank a sugar-free energy booster, and out I went.  Still dark out, a little cooler than usual, but I was feeling good.

The plan was to finish a 6 km walk (but with a little hustle).  I was doing fine, but about 30 minutes in my stomach started rebelling against the energy booster.  I think the only change I would make there is to have something to eat when I drink the energy booster.  I think it would have kept my stomach from feeling like it was eating itself.

Forty-five minutes in and I’m cruising along, but my hips were killing me.  It’s never my legs, it’s always my hips.  That familiar ache screaming at me to stop, rest, or at the very least slow down.  “We can’t do this, you’re going too fast, trying too hard, please I’m begging you to stop.  No one will ever know.  It will be our little secret”.

Then, like a gift from the music gods, the familiar strains of “Suit and Tie” start up.  Suddenly Justin Timberlake is slapping me on the ass and whispering in my ear “go girl, you got this”.  And I totally did.  I’m walking, I’m singing, people are looking at me like I’m crazy, and I don’t even care.  I am crazy, and proud of it.  If crazy is the only thing that’s going to get me healthy, then I’m all in.  I just kept walking, and soon there was no more pain.

Walking back up to the apartment door this morning after killing 6 km was one of the proudest moments for me, I just had to write about it.  I feel calm and cool, my head is clear and I’m ready to take on the day.  And I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow.  🙂

Ready, Set, Go!

Today is Sunday, September 1, 2013.  It is 6:25am and I am heading out for a 6km walk.

There is no more fucking around.18

Since I started this blog in March, I’ve seen some progress, but mostly I feel like I’ve been half-assing it.  I’ve been miserable, and unable to really find my footing when it comes to losing weight.  I have issues surrounding food that I either haven’t or haven’t wanted to deal with, I’ve been setting goals and abandoning them halfway through, and I have been ignoring some issues in my life that I have long needed to deal with.

I know some people who read this will probably tell me to cut myself a little slack, that at least I’ve been doing something.  And while that is true, it’s definitely time I did more.  So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to more.

My only goal for this month is to hit my 5% Weight Watchers goal.  That is my sole focus.  I think focusing on one thing at a time will help.

In addition to weight loss I have some other exciting things starting in September.  First I’m going to blog school!  I am taking a six month course on the ins and outs of blogging.  I love blogging but there is still so much I have to learn.  This should help fill in the gaps and help make my blog everything I want it to be.

I’ve also started writing again (other writing aside from the blog).  I spent some time on Friday with my amazing friend and fellow writer Randy (www.createdbyrcw.wordpress.com) discussing writing and some ideas I have for projects.  I’m now starting to outline my first novel.  Who knows where it will go, but I’m excited to put pen to paper and get started.  Yay!!

Thanks for listening my friends…I always feel better when we talk. 🙂

A Little Update

Hello friends!  I know I haven’t been posting the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d do a quick update of where things are with me.

I’ve had an injury the last couple of weeks that’s prevented me from doing very much.  So I’ve been resting and now am finally getting back into the swing of things.  This morning I went for my first walk in two weeks and it felt really good to get out.  My brother and I did 5 km down to the lake and back.  We got up nice an early and headed out around 6:30am.  It was beautiful out, a cool breeze and nice and quiet.  I’m really learning to love morning walks.

The downside is that I kind of feel like I’m starting from scratch becasue I took so much time off.  I’m going to start pushing myself a little harder each day to get back up to speed.  The goal is to have me walking 10 km at a time, which is the distance from my apartment to the pier in Hamilton.  I’d like to hit that goal by September 1.

My other goal to hit is my 5% Weight Watchers goal.  That is a 16.5 lb weight loss, which means I need to lose 13 more pounds over the month of August (5 weeks).  I am up for the challenge and definitely thing I can acheive both goals this month.  At my last weigh in I actually gained 1.8 lb—which I think stems from not being able to work out—but I’m not discouraged and will just try and keep focused for my next weigh in on July 31st.

The other thing I have been focusing on is my Life Reboot program.  I have been learning a lot about myself over the last couple of weeks and really making some great headway.  I’ve figured out some of the patterns that limit me (for example when I’m uncomfortable about something I tend to shut down and not want to talk about it) and now I’m leaning how to change those patterns.  It’s been great doing this program and it’s really helping me look at my life differently.

So there you have it!  An update from little old me.  I promise not to be so stingy with the updates going forward.  😉

I hope everyone has a great week!!

Getting Up to Speed

Hi everyone!  Miss me??  Yeah, I miss you guys too. 🙂

I haven’t really blogged at all this week.  I’ve been trying to get into a rhythm with Weight Watchers and to get some exercise in there as well.

I thought that by joining Weight Watchers I’d be able to coast in and hit the ground running.  But not so my friends!  One of the major issues I have had since the beginning has reared it’s ugly head…the amount of food I have to eat!

For those of you unfamiliar with how Weight Watchers works, the fat, fibre, carb, and protein values of foods are converted into points.  A person is allotted so many points to eat per day based on their weight, height, etc.  In addition to those points, you also get an additional 49 points to use throughout the week.  My daily points total is 49, plus my weekly additional 49 points…that’s a lot of food, yo!  It should be noted that fruits and vegetables are zero points so even consuming those in mass quantities doesn’t help me get in all my points.  Although the amount of points I have to eat will decrease as I lose weight, for now I have to figure out how to choke down all 49.  I know, I know…I could have worse problems right?

The great thing that happened this week was the exercise portion.  My brother is pushed me out on three walks this week.  Monday we did 4 km, Friday we did 4 km, and this morning we did 6 km.  Monday was hard, Friday was a little easier, and this morning was hard but I pushed hard to finish.  On top of which, I had a great sense of accomplishment when I was done.  After which I enjoyed a nice cool shower and a yummy breakfast.

So all in all, a pretty great week.  We’ll see if the scale agrees with me on Wednesday evening. 🙂