28-day Challenge Week 2 Recap

Oh my!  What a week!

I have been crazy busy with work and school (but that’s ok I like busy) and I got to see Harley Pasternak talk (I started reading the Body Reset Diet, and so far I’m impressed—more on that coming soon).  I didn’t do everything I was supposed to this week, but I’m certainly not beating myself up about it.  I’ve had worse weeks, and this just throws more fuel on the fire to work harder next week.

I was lax on my workouts and only got in a couple, but hey, a couple is better than none.  I ate a few things I shouldn’t have this week, but hey, I’m not perfect…and those cookies were SCREAMING my name.

Let’s talk about my weight then, shall we??  Despite not having the best week, I still managed to lose….wait for it….

2 lb!!

A LOVELY surprise when I got on the scale to do my weigh in for the week.  I can do this!  I think the best part of all this is that I’m not counting calories or fat grams, I’m just eating well and watching my portion sizes.  So YAY me….YAY!!  That’s 8 lb total lost in two weeks.

(Yeah, I’m excited today…girl has a right to celebrate!)

My intention for next week is to make myself a priority.  I didn’t do that this past week…I let work and other life things dictate my schedule.  I need to make sure I’m dictating it and get those workouts in!!

Yes we can!!  Woohoo!!


28-day Challenge Day 12

There are some days when everything just falls into place. You’ve got on the perfect shade of lipstick (Syrup by MAC), the perfect song plays on your way to work (Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake), and on the train a cute guy gives you the look (you know which look I’m talking about). All of these perfect little things add up to a calmness and a confidence that just makes you feel good. I call these my FGLG days—Feelin’ Good and Lookin’ Good. It just so happens that Monday was one of those days.

I have to say, my attitude has changed dramatically in the last little while, especially when it comes to my weight loss. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I did a little extra eatin’ on the weekend, none of which was very good for me. Today I set the wheels back in motion: I ate a healthy breakfast and scheduled a workout setting myself up for a successful day and week. A few months ago eating poorly would have sent me down a path of further unhealthy eating; now it’s just fuel for me to get right back on track.

What’s with the attitude change? I love my FGLG days, and I want more of them. They’re addictive. I never used to feel this way about myself, often times just too insecure about my weight and the way I looked. Here’s the thing though: my weight has only slightly changed in the last little while and I’m starting to have more FGLG days. I’m taking better care of myself on a consistent basis and THAT is making me feel good. I’m fueling my body with yummy, whole foods; I’m exercising my body with semi-regular workouts (I really need to step that up); and I’m doing little things that make me feel great like using a fantastic smelling body oil, or getting my nails done, or having coffee with a friend.

We all want to have FGLG days, and I want you to know that you don’t have to wait to lose the weight to have them. For a long time I thought that I did—I’ll never have confidence until I’m thinner, I’ll be happier when I’m 50 lb lighter, or 75 lb, or 100 lb—but it’s not true. Just knowing that I’m changing things is making me feel good and any weight loss is definitely going to be icing on the cake (mmm…cake 😉 ).

What sorts of things make you feel good? Have you had an FGLG day? Tell me about it in the comments below.

28-Day Challenge Days 8, 9, 10, and 11

Nothing very exciting has been going on so I decided to bundle up the last few days into one post.  It’s mostly been work and studying.  I’m super excited about being back in school and am loving my first class.  I am working towards my certificate in Publishing at Ryerson University and my first class is Practical Grammar and Punctuation.  It may sound tedious and boring to some, but I’m enjoying it (I know, I’m a total geek).

I got in some cardio and strength training on Saturday morning, finally focusing on exercise as I said I would this week.  the weather on Saturday morning was beautiful—sunny with a cool breeze—and I couldn’t wait to get out there for a walk.  I power walked 30 minutes listening to some tunes and all felt right with the world.  I’m so happy the nice weather is here.  I love being outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

I tried something different for my strength training session.  I recently came across Tone it Up! a website of strength training workouts by these two fabulous ladies Karena and Katrina.  I found them on YouTube which led me to their website.  They have great strength training workouts of various types and lengths (plus so much more – nutrition, tips and tricks, recipes, etc.).  They just started their summer Bikini Series so I did the total body Bikini Body workout.  Some of the moves were a little difficult for me, but if I couldn’t do something I just substituted a different exercise so I still got the full workout and benefits.

On the food side I did a little grocery shopping and stocked up for the week.  This week I’ll try and share with you some of the dishes I’ve been enjoying.  Right now I’m typically eating a lot of the same things every day, which some people may find boring but it works for me.  As I start to try out more recipes I’m sure my meals will become more diverse.  I say if something works, go for it.

I also indulged maybe a little too much this past weekend.  You let your guard down for one minute and suddenly there is a chocolate chip cookie in your mouth…and then another…and then…well let’s just say I learned my lesson.  Even though I ate a few things I probably shouldn’t have, I’m proud of the way I handled it.  I got right back up off the dirt and kept on moving.  No feeling sorry for this girl!!

28-day Challenge Day 5

I’m starting to revel in the little victories.  I’ve had a lot of them lately and they are starting to add up.

Yesterday my lunch plans fell though and because I had no lunch packed with me I needed to go and wade through the sea of food court food stalls looking for something to eat.  I made myself a promise that I wasn’t going to go out until I had a plan.  The plan was a whole wheat grilled chicken pita wrap with lots of veggies.  I got in, got the pita, and got out.  I stuck to the plan and felt great about that.

After work I had to go over to the Ryerson University campus to pick up some text books.  I’ve gone back to school to get my certificate in Publishing and my first class starts Tuesday (very excited!!!).  I walked from the office over to campus, which is about a 20 minute walk.  I was going to walk from campus to the train station to go home, but it would have been about a 30 to 35 minute walk and I was already so tired, I just wanted to get home.  I had ended up at campus a little longer than I had anticipated so it was 6:15pm before I caught the train home.  I stood in the train station looking at all the food stalls—Cinnabon, McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Dairy Queen—and I was soooooo hungry!  But I thought really hard about all the progress I’ve made over the last five days and I just didn’t want to ruin it.  I grabbed a bottle of water and managed to hang on until I could get home and make myself something healthy to eat.

I think the lessons learned yesterday are about planning and being prepared.  Now I couldn’t foresee my lunch plans changing, but I did put a plan in place before I went to the food court.  I could easily have just said to hell with it and eaten whatever I wanted, but I didn’t.  I could have given in at the train station, but I didn’t (and frankly I even surprised myself with that one).  Going forward I’m going to start keeping some healthy snacks in my bag—an apple, some almonds and sunflower seeds, or even a protein bar.  Then I have some healthy options available all the time and I won’t be tempted to stuff my gob with double cheeseburgers.  Mmmmm… cheeseburgers………sorry…lost my train of thought there. 😉

I’m really looking forward to doing a weigh in on Thursday.  I’ve made some great progress this week and I’m excited to see if it will be reflected on the scale.  Even if it’s not, I still had some great victories. 🙂

It’s Go Time!!

All right!!  Today is Thursday, May 1, 2014 – time to start my 28-day transformation challenge!!28-day challenge

I’m really excited to get started today, which is actually pretty surprising given that I’m going to be giving up junk and processed food and putting my body through daily workouts (geeze I’m exhausted just thinking about it).

To recap, I’m going to be participating in the Prevention Magazine 28-day transformation challenge.  From May 1 to May 28 I will do the following:

  • eat clean
  • 2.5 hours of cardio a week
  • 4 strength training workouts a week
  • set a weekly intention for each week

My intention for week one is this:  Show Up.

I am the master of talking myself out of doing things.  Eating what I’m suppose to, working out, taking the bus rather than walking home.  If there is an easier way to do something it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to talk myself into the easy way.  So even though there are days when I’m not going to want to make the best eating choice or work out, I’m going to show up and try.  Feel like eating that chocolate bar?  Eat your snack of apple and peanut butter and see how you feel after that.  Don’t feel like walking 5 km today?  Go walk for 30 minutes and if you still don’t want to walk, head back to the house.  I’m going to at least show up.

I will do weekly weigh-ins starting this morning and every Thursday morning after that.  I’m not really sure what to expect so I don’t have a weight loss goal in mind for these four weeks.  I really just want to use these 28 days to be consistent and set up some good healthy habits.  Any weight loss will be icing on the cake 😉

Watch here for my daily updates, and I’ll post updates on Twitter as well.  I’m not a big twitterer (tweeter?), but I’m going to try.  Oh it’s going to be an interesting four weeks!  Wish me luck, kids!!

Are you joining me in the challenge?  Let me know how you’re doing in the comments section – we can support each other through the 28 days.

Courage at Life with Courage and Jenn at Pwning the Fat are both participating in the challenge with me…YAY!!  Make sure you head over to their blogs and check out their progress.

Challenge Accepted

Hello friends!  Isn’t it a fine Sunday?  Even better…isn’t it a fine day to think about starting a new challenge?

That’s right I said it…challenge.  A 28-day challenge to be exact.  I have decided to participate in Prevention Magazine’s 28-day transformation challenge and blog about it every day for 28 days starting on May 1 (I don’t know what I’m going to talk about for 28 consecutive days, but I’m thinking I better start getting creative).

The challenge—for 28 days I will:

  • eat clean (if you don’t know what clean eating is there is a great article at Health.com that explains)
  • complete at least 2.5 hours of cardio per week
  • complete four strength training workouts per week (provided by Prevention)
  • set a weekly intention to stay focused and motivated
  • share my progress on social media.

When I read about the challenge I was very excited…these are all things I am completely capable of and have done at one time or another.  Now is my chance to put it all together into one package and go for it!

To get started I signed up at Prevention.com, print off the challenge manifesto, and signed it committing myself to the 28 days (or maybe just committing myself period…I really should read forms before sign them).

Now that I am signed up for the challenge I will receive daily emails with tips and reminders with access to strength training workouts and clean eating recipes.  All for free my friends…all I have to do is put forth the effort.  The hard part, I know, but it will be so worth it.

So…who’s with me??  Go sign up at Prevention and take the 28-day challenge with me.  I’ll blog about my progress here and I want to hear all about your progress too.

See you May 1!!


*I’m not connected in any way to Prevention Magazine and was not asked by them to write about the 28-day challenge…I’m just really excited about it.

She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire

Seriously.  My legs are burning, someone please make them stop.

Today is such a fantastically, beautiful day outside I couldn’t help but want to get out there and enjoy a walk—get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and work up a sweat.  OK, full disclosure, I ate like a pig yesterday and my brother was up at 7:30am to go to his indoor cycling class so I was feeling doubly guilty for just laying on the sofa this morning watching Will and Grace re-runs.

I haven’t been exercising AT ALL over the last few months.  I went to the gym a few times, but that quickly fizzled.  I was much happier curled up on the sofa in the warmth of the apartment rather than going outside into the cold and snow.  Now that the spring time is upon us though, I no longer have any excuse.

I decided this morning I’d walk 5 km.  I got myself dressed, shoes laced up, iPod on and off I trotted out the door.  Sun shining, birds singing, and the cool air kissing my cheek as I power walked my way up the street.  What could go wrong?

As I mentioned, it’s been awhile since I’ve exercised, and while last summer I was doing 5 km walks with no problems, my body doesn’t quite remember that.  In fact my body was in full on amnesia mode this morning.  I’ve outlined a map of my 5 km jaunt this morning:

Walking Map

1. My starting point.  Home base.  Feeling optimistic, energized and ready  to take on 5 km with gusto.

2. I’m 0.7 km in and my body is not so subtly reminding me that it’s been awhile since we’ve done this.  I’m seriously considering turning back.  I press on, determined to at least make it to Guelph Line (#3).

3.  I promise myself that if I can make it this far I will turn around and head back.  It’s a good start, I made a great attempt but I can’t go on.  My legs are burning and my hips are killing me.  Seriously, it’s like someone is stabbing my hips with tiny knives.  Something happens though when I get here.  I must keep going.  For the love of all that is good and holy woman, move those legs!

4.  This is the point at which I’m considering whether to book it the 200 ft down Woodward Avenue to my grandmothers house.  I know if I go there she’ll feel sorry for me, let me lay on the sofa, and feed me lemon loaf.  I also know that if I go in there and lay down, or even sit down, I’ll never want to get back up.

5.  I’m at the halfway point and am suddenly feeling…what is that feeling?  Happiness?  Excitement?  No, it’s pride.  I could have thrown in the towel at a couple of different points but I kept going. GO ME!

6.  I’m moving at a good click now, still feeling it in my legs and hips but unwilling to stop at this point.  I think about new clothes, and more energy, and my thighs not rubbing together…all the good things that come with weight loss.

7.  I am in the home stretch now.  I can hear the crowd chanting my name “Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!”.  I crank up to tunes knowing that pushing myself will help me get home faster.  So I can sit down.  Because my legs are on fire.

8.  I did it—5.14 km in a little over an hour.  This may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but to me it is a big achievement and a sign of bigger and better things to come.

I couldn’t be happier with my walk today.  I got out there and did what I said I was going to do.  I learned not to doubt myself or my abilities.  Just because something gets a little hard doesn’t mean it’s not achievable.  Don’t doubt yourself, believe in yourself.  If I can do it, you can absolutely do it.  I’ll be out there tomorrow morning doing it again.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy this fabulous weekend!