Rise and Shine

On Monday my friend Ry sent me an email. The email contained an mp3 file and the following instructions:

Ok…here is an assignment for you. Attached I’ve placed an MP3. Do not listen to it right now. I want you to do the following:

a) put it on your iPod
b) the next morning walk/run you go out for, make it the first thing you play – listen to it only then

Now it should be said that I am an impatient person. Giving me something that I can’t use right away is tantamount to showing a child a toy and telling them the have to wait two hours to play with it. I’m going to loose my shit.Rise and Shine

But in an effort to be somewhat of an adult about this, I reluctantly followed his instructions.

Because of a back i jury (I get occasional bouts of sciatica) I was forced to abandon my Tuesday morning workout.  The plan this week was for my rest days to be Wednesday and Thursday, which meant my next workout would not have been until Friday.  Well there was no way in hell I was going to wait until Friday.  So up I got on Wednesday at 5:15am and did a little check to make sure my back was in functioning mode (I make it sound like I bounded out of bed, which is not how my body works. It was more of a slow crawl).

So there I was 5:30am, running shoes laced up, iPod on, standing in front of my building….and off I go.

The track is called Rise and Shine. I researched it a bit afterwards and it’s from a Nike motivational commercial.

It was exactly what I needed.

Ry knows all too well how I let the little voices in my head talk me down, how I let them win. How I let them tell me that I can’t do it….I’m too fat, too slow, I’m not getting anywhere, I’m not good enough. They are the same voices that taunt me with cheeseburgers and cupcakes, and then promise me we’ll try again harder tomorrow. I hate those voices. They are mean, they are bullies, and they are wrong.

I can do this. Yes I’m fat, but I won’t be forever and yes I’m slow but I will get faster.

I am going somewhere and it’s to the mall to buy new clothes for the hot body I’m creating.

I love cheeseburgers and cupcakes, but there is a time and place for indulging and it can’t happen everyday.

And trying harder doesn’t start tomorrow, it starts right now