Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day!!keep-calm-i-am-canadian

Today is July 1, 2013 and I am feeling fine!  I’m enjoying the last day of my super long weekend, and looking forward to the fact that next week is only a four-day work week (ah can I get a hell-yeah?!).

On Saturday I got to spend some time with my brilliant friend Randy.  He made the long 50-minute train trip from Toronto to Burlington just to visit little ol’ me.  A typical big-city boy, Randy starts to get antsy when he moves out of the 416 area code range (oh how he suffered so :P).  We headed to downtown Burlington for dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Celli’s Osteria—my first time there, but I will definitely be back—we took a walk down to the new pier and then got some ice cream.

The night was warm and lovely with lots of people out and about enjoying the summer evening—some of whom, we noticed, were rather chatty.  There was the man on the bicycle who approached us for the sole purpose of complimenting Randy on his shirt (which was lovely…oh no, wait…manly, I meant it was a manly shirt).  Then there was Valerie who chatted us up while we were waiting for the bus back to the train station.  We know her name because she was nice enough to introduce herself as we were leaving (and not just because she was clearly half in the bag).  Randy and I were apparently THE people to hang with on Saturday night.

Me and the Randster...contrary to the look on his face, he was having a good time ;-)

Me and the Randster…contrary to the look on his face, he was having a good time 😉

Today I’m off to the gym to get my exercise on.  I have sooooooo been procrastinating about exercising.  On my list of things I don’t want to do, exercising ranks right above…well, frankly it doesn’t rank above anything because I really don’t want to do it.  But this week I’m giving myself an attitude adjustment and embracing the workout!!  After yesterday’s blog post I received a great note from my friend Kimberly, who reminded me that I should take time to enjoy the process of becoming healthier.  The more I thought about it the more I agreed with her.  I’ve always got my eye on the prize and I never leave time to just enjoy the experience.  So experience I shall!!  I’ve downloaded some new tunes, whipped up a few new playlists, and I’m ready to GO, GO, GO!

I hope everyone has an awesome week and a big, fat, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps!

PS – I’ve decided to switch things up on the breakfast front and start eating rye toast with peanut butter and fruit in order to eliminate my upset stomach issues with milk.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas!