Oh Yes I’m the Great Pretender

I’m going to come clean, folks.  I’ve been living a lie and I can’t take it anymore.  I need to get this deception off my chest, and even though people may judge me for it, I’m willing to deal with that.  OK, no more stalling…here it is:

I hate oatmeal.

I know, it’s not that striking a revelation but it’s the truth nonetheless.  I really do hate it.  I know I’m suppose to like it—it’s good for me, it’s full of fiber—but seriously I just don’t.  It’s mushy and gross and tastes like pre-chewed cardboard.  (I don’t know what pre-chewed cardboard tastes like, but if I had to imagine it, oatmeal is the closest thing I could think of).  Unless this oatmeal is coming to me in cookie form with chocolate chips, I’m not interested.

“But wait Victoria!” I hear you saying, and I know what you’re going to tell me.  Try preparing it a different way—add apples, or cinnamon, or almonds, or Fruit Loops!!  Trust me, I have tried preparing it 57 different ways (although probably not very healthy, the Fruit Loops option does sound intriguing) and I just can’t do it any more.  Nothing tastes good.  I have been choking it down in the morning for breakfast not because I want to, but because I feel like I have to and I say no more.  NO MORE I SAY!

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we insist on eating things that we hate just because they are good for us?  It ends up not being healthy and in the long run certainly doesn’t aid in weight loss (if that’s what you’re aiming for).  I’m miserable when I have to eat things I don’t enjoy (ex. cooked carrots and cantaloupe to name a couple) and I grow resentful that I can’t have what I want.  All just for the sake of more nutrients and better health.  I think you definitely see this come into play on a lot of diets that restrict foods.  You’re not left with many alternatives and therefore forced to eat what is left on your food list, even if you don’t enjoy it.  How could anyone possibly enjoy that?

Today, I am officially putting an end to this madness.  Mark your calendars friends, from this day forward, June 2, 2014, I will no longer eat foods I don’t like just because they are good for me!  I will search for alternatives, research recipes, and try new foods all in the name of keeping my sanity.  Grocery shopping and preparing food will no longer be drudgery, it will be a joyous occasion when we sing and dance and…ok wait, sorry, I got a little carried away there.  The point it, it’s gonna be good 🙂

Are there foods you’re eating that you HATE but are consuming just because they are good for you or provide some sort of healthy benefit?  Are there alternatives you could seek out?  Share with me and leave a comment below!

28-day Challenge Days 15, 16, 17 and 18

Why is it so hard to stay on track with healthy eating during the weekend?  It’s like my brain hears “It’s Friday!!” and suddenly all I can think about are all the foods I shouldn’t be indulging in.  Ice cream…macaroni and cheese…cheeseburgers…poutine…it is a never ending barrage of imagery, like a torturous slide show in my head.

I’ll admit, I had a few unhealthy meals during the past few days.  One meal in particular took place on Sunday morning in which I had breakfast with my parents at a local diner in town.  I just couldn’t resist the allure of pancakes with syrup.

Now those who know me know that I can be a bit of a sugar junkie, but since I’ve been eating fairly clean over the last couple of weeks I’ve let go of a lot of refined sugar out of my diet.  I know sugar isn’t good for me, but I don’t know if I really understood just how not good for me it really is.  Until I ate those pancakes.

To start, they tasted fantastic—all warm and light and fluffy, and the syrup sticky and sweet.  I was in food heaven.  I ate them, enjoyed them, and tried to not feel guilty about indulging—sometimes you just have to enjoy!  After breakfast my brother and I went to run a few errands which included going to Target and the grocery store.  Five minutes in at Target I was talking a mile-a-minute, bouncing all over the place, with my brother staring at me like I had lost my mind.  This is the part of the sugar rush I love—happy, fun, all energy.  I try and hold on to this feeling as long as I can because I know what’s coming.

It hit me just as we were heading into the grocery store.  The crash.  Suddenly I’m exhausted, achy and if I could have, I would have laid down in the grocery store parking lot and had a nap.  This is the part of the sugar rush I hate.  I felt like I’d been hit with a wrecking ball and just longed to lay down and sleep.

(The interesting thing about my body on sugar is that it’s the same feeling as my body on alcohol.  When I’ve had too much to drink I’m high-energy, go-go-go…but when I’m done, I’m done.  I suddenly get really tired and all I want to do is go home to bed.)

If anything, I definitely learned my lesson this weekend.  Sugar truly is the devil.  Although I might be able to indulge a little bit every now and then, I definitely need to be very aware of how much I’m consuming.  I don’t want to feel like that again.  It was an awful reminder of the way I used to eat only two and a half weeks ago!  Look at me, I’m growing. 😛

So, as I say every week – let’s get back on track (I wonder if I’ll get through a whole week without feeling like I need to get back on track).

Get in those workouts, eat consciously and push hard this week!! 🙂

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day!!keep-calm-i-am-canadian

Today is July 1, 2013 and I am feeling fine!  I’m enjoying the last day of my super long weekend, and looking forward to the fact that next week is only a four-day work week (ah can I get a hell-yeah?!).

On Saturday I got to spend some time with my brilliant friend Randy.  He made the long 50-minute train trip from Toronto to Burlington just to visit little ol’ me.  A typical big-city boy, Randy starts to get antsy when he moves out of the 416 area code range (oh how he suffered so :P).  We headed to downtown Burlington for dinner at a great Italian restaurant called Celli’s Osteria—my first time there, but I will definitely be back—we took a walk down to the new pier and then got some ice cream.

The night was warm and lovely with lots of people out and about enjoying the summer evening—some of whom, we noticed, were rather chatty.  There was the man on the bicycle who approached us for the sole purpose of complimenting Randy on his shirt (which was lovely…oh no, wait…manly, I meant it was a manly shirt).  Then there was Valerie who chatted us up while we were waiting for the bus back to the train station.  We know her name because she was nice enough to introduce herself as we were leaving (and not just because she was clearly half in the bag).  Randy and I were apparently THE people to hang with on Saturday night.

Me and the Randster...contrary to the look on his face, he was having a good time ;-)

Me and the Randster…contrary to the look on his face, he was having a good time 😉

Today I’m off to the gym to get my exercise on.  I have sooooooo been procrastinating about exercising.  On my list of things I don’t want to do, exercising ranks right above…well, frankly it doesn’t rank above anything because I really don’t want to do it.  But this week I’m giving myself an attitude adjustment and embracing the workout!!  After yesterday’s blog post I received a great note from my friend Kimberly, who reminded me that I should take time to enjoy the process of becoming healthier.  The more I thought about it the more I agreed with her.  I’ve always got my eye on the prize and I never leave time to just enjoy the experience.  So experience I shall!!  I’ve downloaded some new tunes, whipped up a few new playlists, and I’m ready to GO, GO, GO!

I hope everyone has an awesome week and a big, fat, Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian peeps!

PS – I’ve decided to switch things up on the breakfast front and start eating rye toast with peanut butter and fruit in order to eliminate my upset stomach issues with milk.  Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas!

Just One Thing Project – Breakfast

It’s Friday!!!!

It has been a craaaazy week my friends.  Busy, busy at work, and not a whole lot of time to do much else.

Wake-up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep, wake-up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep…this is my life (notice though how I always managed to fit in eating :-P)

So, as you may all remember from my blog post on Sunday, I’ve decided to start my Just One Thing Project—once a week changing just one thing to contribute to my health and happiness.  The more I thought about this project, the more excited I got about it!  I may have finally stumbled upon the answer to “How are we going to get Victoria to lose weight and be a happier person?” (there are lots of answers to this question by the way, however, one of the answers is not “feed her macaroni and cheese”).

This week I tackled eating breakfast.  In the past, this has not always been my strongest area.  I’m notorious for skipping breakfast…actually I’m notorious for skipping meals in general.  But I promised myself this week that I would eat breakfast every morning…and I have!

The key for me to eat breakfast every morning is that it has be quick and it needs to taste good.  I’ve tried having lots of different things for breakfast–the things I think I’m “supposed” to be eating.  I don’t like oatmeal and I hate yogurt.  I love eggs, but they just take too much time.  I tried making smoothies, but again, just too much time.

So this week I settled on cereal with organic 1% milk and bananas.  My cereal of choice…Multigrain Cheerios.  So I get some carbs from the cereal, a little fruit from the banana, a little protein from the milk, and I can throw it all together quickly.  Only one problem – by the end of the week my stomach had grown increasingly upset.  I’ve suspected for a while that I may be lactose intolerant, so I think cereal with milk may be off the breakfast menu.  Not to worry, I’ll continue searching for a quick healthy breakfast to nourish by body and soul (ok, I may be over dramatizing breakfast here – perhaps just search for a quick healthy breakfast that keeps me from wanting to eat my stapler as a mid-morning snack).

Did you try changing or doing one new thing this week??  Share!!  You can also link up with me on Friday’s and share you’re own Just One Thing Project!

Week one down…on to the next!