From Bad to Worse

Hey Peeps – I’m writing today propped up in my office chair, just long enough to write a quick blog.

The pain in my back when from bad to worse on Saturday, and I spent Saturday night in the emergency room.  Can I tell you how creepy hospitals are at 3:00am?  There were no exam rooms available so I had to sit on a gurney (which I couldn’t sit on because it hurt too much) in the dimly lit emergency room hallway, in between an older woman who hit her head after falling off the toilet and a guy with some sort of urinary infection.  Weirdest Saturday night of my life, and clearly not a good evening to use the facilities.

Thank goodness my Dad was there to keep me company.  Daddy’s are the best—who else will pick you up in the middle of the night and wait four hours with you in the hospital emergency room.  Yes friends, it took me four hours to see a doctor.  On the plus side I has a fantastic nurse and doctor who took great care of me and prescribed me some fantastic medication, which I am on right now.  I can not be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth while medicated—I’ll blame it on the Percocet.

So things are a little on the frustrating side for me right now.  I can’t do too much, I’m pretty sore, and I’m afraid to lay down because they pain is pretty intense when I have to get up.  I haven’t exactly figured out how I’m going to sleep tonight, but I think it may involve sleeping sitting up.

Ok, that’s my little update.  I can’t do too much until I’m healed.  No exercising or going to the gym for the next little while, so I’m going to focus on my eating and making sure I’m eating well and staying hydrated.  My friend Ema was nice enough to put together a strength training program for me, but I can’t start yet until my back is better, which sucks because I am really excited to get started.  Just more reason to rest and get better as soon as I can.

Have a great week everyone, and stay healthy!





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