What’s your problem?

I just had to share this post from the blog Life with Courage. I sums up pretty much how I feel on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Life with "Courage"

Well since you asked…my problem is not sticking to anything long enough to see real results. Why does an intelligent woman…yes I’m intelligent….not stick to a program she KNOWS will yield the results she so desperately wants? My guess is that she doesn’t believe that she will ever really get there. Maybe the goal seems too far away, or maybe the goal is something she just kinda wants if she doesn’t really have to work hard or make any sacrifices. It’s probably a combination of all of the above.

So what’s a girl to do?  Crawl in a corner and cry and have a pity party. What’s a woman to do? The only thing she knows how to do, which is….. try again. She’ll keep trying until she gets it or until she dies. That’s not meant to be morbid. I just mean don’t stop until it’s over that’s all.

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