28-day Challenge Day 6

Day 6….what to say about Day 6?

Day 6 started out well enough.  Up early, good breakfast, off to work…typical morning all around.  Then I got to lunch time.

I went to Subway to have lunch with a colleague.  I ordered a 6 inch turkey sub on 9-grain bread.  Sounds like I’m doing ok, right? After I ordered, I turned around and looked in the beverage cooler behind me intending to grab a bottle of water.  For some reason though, my eyes moved quickly from the water to the chocolate milk one shelf above.  I saw it, I bought it, I drank it.  I know it has refined sugar in it, which I’m supposed to be staying away from, but it was good.  Really good.  Strike one.

My day was incredibly busy, and I had to rush to get a few tasks finished by the end of the day.  I also has my first class at Ryerson, so it was a pretty packed day.  I packed myself some dinner the night before, specifically so I didn’t have to go out between work and class and find some dinner that might be unhealthy.  My day got so busy that it was already after 5pm before I even realized what time it was and I still wasn’t finished the task I needed to complete before I left work.  I was rushing around thinking I wasn’t going to have time for dinner before I left.  I went into the work kitchen where I was greeted by this:


Yeah, that’s the snack cupboard I have to look at whenever I’m in the office.  Talk about temptation!  And I was soooo tempted to just grab a bag of chips and a chocolate bar and be done with it.  I looked at the cupboard, took a deep breath, and proceeded to open the refrigerator instead and heat up the chicken and pasta dish I brought with me for dinner.  Small victory, but I’ll take it!

I managed to scarf down my dinner, finish my task and then rushed off to school (couldn’t be late for my first day!).  Three hours later I was back at the train station waiting to head home.  Once again, surrounded by the sights and smells of every possible food that I shouldn’t be eating.  I tried to resist, but I ended up scarfing down a bagel and cream cheese. I know…tsk tsk tsk.  The worst part is that I don’t even know why I ate it.  I wasn’t really hungry, but I was waiting, it was there, and it happened.  Strike two.  Sometimes resistance is futile I suppose.

So a couple of indiscretions yesterday, but I’m not too upset with myself.  Normally this would be the point where I get upset myself for not having any willpower, throw in the towel and tell myself that I’ve ruined the week so I might as well eat whatever I want and start again Monday.  I’m not going to do that this time.  I’ve scheduled myself a workout this morning and I’m ready to get back on track.  Thursday is my weigh in day and I’m very excited to check my progress.

NO GIVING UP!  I CAN DO THIS! (and so can you!!)

One thought on “28-day Challenge Day 6

  1. Deb says:

    Can’t be good 100% of the time, where is the fun in that? You’re doing really well – keep at it. 🙂

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