Challenge Accepted

Hello friends!  Isn’t it a fine Sunday?  Even better…isn’t it a fine day to think about starting a new challenge?

That’s right I said it…challenge.  A 28-day challenge to be exact.  I have decided to participate in Prevention Magazine’s 28-day transformation challenge and blog about it every day for 28 days starting on May 1 (I don’t know what I’m going to talk about for 28 consecutive days, but I’m thinking I better start getting creative).

The challenge—for 28 days I will:

  • eat clean (if you don’t know what clean eating is there is a great article at that explains)
  • complete at least 2.5 hours of cardio per week
  • complete four strength training workouts per week (provided by Prevention)
  • set a weekly intention to stay focused and motivated
  • share my progress on social media.

When I read about the challenge I was very excited…these are all things I am completely capable of and have done at one time or another.  Now is my chance to put it all together into one package and go for it!

To get started I signed up at, print off the challenge manifesto, and signed it committing myself to the 28 days (or maybe just committing myself period…I really should read forms before sign them).

Now that I am signed up for the challenge I will receive daily emails with tips and reminders with access to strength training workouts and clean eating recipes.  All for free my friends…all I have to do is put forth the effort.  The hard part, I know, but it will be so worth it.

So…who’s with me??  Go sign up at Prevention and take the 28-day challenge with me.  I’ll blog about my progress here and I want to hear all about your progress too.

See you May 1!!


*I’m not connected in any way to Prevention Magazine and was not asked by them to write about the 28-day challenge…I’m just really excited about it.


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