She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire

Seriously.  My legs are burning, someone please make them stop.

Today is such a fantastically, beautiful day outside I couldn’t help but want to get out there and enjoy a walk—get outside, breathe in the fresh air, and work up a sweat.  OK, full disclosure, I ate like a pig yesterday and my brother was up at 7:30am to go to his indoor cycling class so I was feeling doubly guilty for just laying on the sofa this morning watching Will and Grace re-runs.

I haven’t been exercising AT ALL over the last few months.  I went to the gym a few times, but that quickly fizzled.  I was much happier curled up on the sofa in the warmth of the apartment rather than going outside into the cold and snow.  Now that the spring time is upon us though, I no longer have any excuse.

I decided this morning I’d walk 5 km.  I got myself dressed, shoes laced up, iPod on and off I trotted out the door.  Sun shining, birds singing, and the cool air kissing my cheek as I power walked my way up the street.  What could go wrong?

As I mentioned, it’s been awhile since I’ve exercised, and while last summer I was doing 5 km walks with no problems, my body doesn’t quite remember that.  In fact my body was in full on amnesia mode this morning.  I’ve outlined a map of my 5 km jaunt this morning:

Walking Map

1. My starting point.  Home base.  Feeling optimistic, energized and ready  to take on 5 km with gusto.

2. I’m 0.7 km in and my body is not so subtly reminding me that it’s been awhile since we’ve done this.  I’m seriously considering turning back.  I press on, determined to at least make it to Guelph Line (#3).

3.  I promise myself that if I can make it this far I will turn around and head back.  It’s a good start, I made a great attempt but I can’t go on.  My legs are burning and my hips are killing me.  Seriously, it’s like someone is stabbing my hips with tiny knives.  Something happens though when I get here.  I must keep going.  For the love of all that is good and holy woman, move those legs!

4.  This is the point at which I’m considering whether to book it the 200 ft down Woodward Avenue to my grandmothers house.  I know if I go there she’ll feel sorry for me, let me lay on the sofa, and feed me lemon loaf.  I also know that if I go in there and lay down, or even sit down, I’ll never want to get back up.

5.  I’m at the halfway point and am suddenly feeling…what is that feeling?  Happiness?  Excitement?  No, it’s pride.  I could have thrown in the towel at a couple of different points but I kept going. GO ME!

6.  I’m moving at a good click now, still feeling it in my legs and hips but unwilling to stop at this point.  I think about new clothes, and more energy, and my thighs not rubbing together…all the good things that come with weight loss.

7.  I am in the home stretch now.  I can hear the crowd chanting my name “Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!”.  I crank up to tunes knowing that pushing myself will help me get home faster.  So I can sit down.  Because my legs are on fire.

8.  I did it—5.14 km in a little over an hour.  This may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but to me it is a big achievement and a sign of bigger and better things to come.

I couldn’t be happier with my walk today.  I got out there and did what I said I was going to do.  I learned not to doubt myself or my abilities.  Just because something gets a little hard doesn’t mean it’s not achievable.  Don’t doubt yourself, believe in yourself.  If I can do it, you can absolutely do it.  I’ll be out there tomorrow morning doing it again.

Happy Easter everyone and enjoy this fabulous weekend!


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