The Dairy Diaries

Welcome back friends!  When last we left Victoria, she was embarking on a quest to improve her health by giving up dairy products.  Let’s check in on her to see how it’s going.

[The camera cuts to Victoria sitting on the kitchen floor in her pyjamas, surrounded by empty chocolate milk and ice cream containers, while eating fistfuls of shredded cheddar cheese straight from the package].

Just kidding!!  Actually, I can honestly say it’s been going well.  It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be, only in that I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not eating dairy, but no slips ups so far.

I did a grocery shop on Saturday and cleaned out the refrigerator of any dairy I wasn’t going to be consuming over the next month.  That seemed to leave quite a bit of space, so I filled the refrigerator with fruits, veggies, fresh herbs, eggs, chicken, turkey, and fish.  On Sunday I roasted a chicken, and then made soup with the bones.  Look at me getting all culinary!  I have plenty of good eating options for the week and have no excuse not to eat well.  Check it out:

A healthy refrigerator is a happy refrigerator!!

A healthy refrigerator is a happy refrigerator!!

Did I just become one of those people who posts pictures of the inside of their refrigerator? YOU BET I DID!  I’m proud of that refrigerator!

One of the best parts of all this is that my brother has decided to support my efforts by giving up dairy himself.  He and I share an apartment and he told me that he was willing to give it up if it was going to help me.  With him taking a break from dairy as well, we can eliminate it all from the house.  Can you say best brother ever?  This is a HUGE deal because my brother is kind of an ice cream junkie, so for him to give that up for me is a very big gesture.  He really has been one of my biggest supporters and wants nothing more than to see me succeed.  It’s amazing to have someone like that in your corner.

Not that he’s the only one!  The amount of support I receive from friends and family, and everyone who reads my blog is so incredible.  It’s pushing me to keep going, and in the last week I’ve made some really great strides in getting healthy, from removing dairy from my diet and cooking more healthy meals to getting back to the gym, I really feel like I’m on an upward swing.  So much so, that I’m proud to say I’m down 1.4 lb.  Not a huge drop, but it’s a start.  I know it’s only Day 4 without dairy, but I’m already starting to feel like I have more energy.  I can’t wait to see what else happens over the whole 30 days!


3 thoughts on “The Dairy Diaries

  1. Amazing! And it’s great your brother’s in on the thing too – when you share a house with someone who eats stuff you can’t it’s so much harder. I bet you’re trying all sorts of different things too, in you dairy-free diet? Anything you’d recommend?

    Re: Posting photos of your fridge. You’ll be giving us juicing recipes and nutritional information next 😉 Ahhh!

    • Victoria says:

      My brother is amazing, he’s lost a significant amount of weight himself (100+ lbs), and truly inspires me.
      I’m working my way through a couple of cook books now, so I’m sure I’ll have some interesting recipes to share!

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