Blogtember – You Better Shop Around

The Blogtember prompt for today is to talk about my favourite online shops.Blogtember200_zps4672ae9b

Um, yeah…I’m not really much of a shopper, so this is going to be an incredibly short blog.  I was actually going to skip this day, just because I don’t have very much to say on the subject.  However, I suppose the mark of a good writer is being creative even when the topic isn’t to his or her liking.  So here goes…

I’m not type of person who enjoys going to malls to wander and shop around just for the hell of it, and the same goes for online shopping.  If I need pants, I go buy pants.  If I need shampoo, I go buy shampoo.  Get it and get out, that’s my motto. 🙂

The only items I will typically browse for are books, music, and makeup.  So I spend time on, iTunes, and in Sephora.

I’m a bit of a book junkie and I probably spend more time than I think I do browsing  I do spend a lot of time on, which is a fantastic site devoted to all things books!  It’s like Facebook for book lovers.  If you’re ever looking for book reviews and recommendations, I highly recommend it.

I am also a bit of a make up junkie.  Well not just make up, but beauty products in general.  I’ve definitely reigned myself in; I’m not as bad as I used to be.  However if you ask me where my happy place is I will say without hesitation Sephora.   Ohhhh and definitely the Sephora at the Eaton Centre in Toronto!!  They just renovated, added in a couple of brands of make up from the UK that I love, it’s big and beautiful, and…..sorry, sorry….calm down…deep breath.  Woo!  I told you…happy place.  So there you go, if you’re ever looking for me you know where I am.

Night all!  Going to go put on some lipstick and curl up with a good book 😉

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