Life’s Little Slip Ups

I am the Queen Bee of slip ups.

(I really wanted to say F&$k ups there, but my parents read my blog so I need to reign in my potty mouth…HI MOM AND DAD!!)

So first the bad news:  I had a pretty stressful work week so I didn’t always make the best choices food wise (I may have had a box of Milk Duds for lunch today).

The good news:  I’m back to walking – I’ve gotten two 5 km walks in this week so far.

The better news:  I lost 0.5 lb this week [insert roaring applause here].

Ok, so half a pound may not be applause worthy, but given the many slips up I had this week, the fact that I managed to pull off a loss in nothing less than, well, astounding.  At my Weight Watchers meeting tonight we talked about slip ups.  Like I mentioned, I’m the queen of slip ups.  It’s so easy for me to waver and get off track from things like:

  • Stress at work (“Victoria, we need that 150 page report formatted and edited in the next 15 minutes.  Lunch?  You must be kidding!”)
  • Influence from friends or family (“Oh come on, one piece won’t kill you!”)
  • Emotional highs (“Yay I finished that report in 15 minutes!  I deserve cake!”)
  • Emotional lows (“What do you mean I look like I’ve gained weight?”)

But what I learned today is that it’s not about WHAT YOU DO, it’s about WHAT YOU DO AFTER.  It’s so easy for those slip ups to become slippery slopes into continuously not eating well.  I never really thought about it like that before.  I’m always so focused on the slip up, I don’t really put any focus on the recovery.  I get it into my head that since I screwed up, it’s ok to continue to screw up.  So now instead of focusing on what I did wrong I’m going to focus on what I can do right:

  • Stop berating myself for my slip up—acknowledge it happened and move on.
  • Don’t wait to get back on track—focus on getting it right at the very next meal.
  • Realize that slip ups are always going to happen, there’s no getting around them.

So here’s to getting it right, as best I can.  Instead of being the queen of slip ups, I’ll be the queen of recovery…because let’s face it, it’s good to be queen 😛


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