A Change Will Do You Good

For the last little while, since I started the blog and really started focusing hard on my weight loss, I’ve been feeling…hmmm, how can I describe it? Uneasy? Restless? Blocked? Blocked is a good one, but I think it’s a little more than that. I feel like there is this wall that I can’t seem to break though, not just when it comes to my weight loss, but also in wanting to become a happier, more fulfilled, more confident person. Things started off well and I was making some great headway with my weight loss, but somewhere along the way I fell back into my old habits, despite a 12 lb loss.

So, why the mental block? Why did I sabotage my best efforts when I seemed to be on the right track and doing so well?

Enter Kimberly Carroll – my life coach.

Last week I started Kimberly’s Life Reboot Program. It’s a seven week program aimed transforming your life from the inside out. That may sound like a lot to accomplish in seven weeks, but you haven’t met the illustrious Ms. Kimberly Carroll. Kimberly is…well, she’s just about the sweetest, loveliest, most genuine person I have ever met. She is sunny and cheery, and I feel calmer and happier just being in the same room with her.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a fan.

Make no mistake though, as lovely as she is, she has no problem kicking my ass. So for the next six weeks Kimberly will help me discover why I’m doing the things I’m doing, but also what practical steps I can take to get out of my own way and move forward. I get in my own way a lot.

This past week (Week 1) was awareness week-looking at who I am, what I think of myself, what are the belief patterns I believe about myself, and how are they holding me back. Pretty deep, huh? Yeah, things can sometimes get heavy working with Kimberly-we go through a lot of tissue-but you come out better for it in the end.

Now I should mention that I have done this program with Kimberly once before and while it was fantastic, I was resistant and looking back at it now I think I was still too closed off to the process. If you’re going to make a radical shift you need to be fully present and I don’t think that I was. I got a lot out of taking her course the first time, but it feels so much different now. I’m much more open to the process, and while most of my issues are still the same, having that awareness is making it easier to get out of my own way and let myself succeed.

At the beginning of the program, Kimberly asks you to set an intention for the program-what you want to achieve and what kind of shift you want to make in your life.

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m a control freak. Let’s work on that shall we?

I let myself get pretty tightly wound sometimes, and often times for the stupidest reasons. I could see it in a few areas of my life (e.g. career), but the more I really looked at it, I started to see it in so many more areas…like maybe my weight loss?? For example, eating has become a source of stress for me. What to eat, how to eat, when to eat, it’s better to eat this type of food with that type of food, don’t eat that food, eat lots of this food, but only when it’s combined with this other food-it is freakin’ endless-and it makes me feel like I have no control. Actually it makes a girl want to hide inside a bag of Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion potato chips and never come out.

The other thing I want to work on is really stepping up and embracing who I am. No more apologizing for things I like or don’t like, for having my own opinions, or for just being me. I apologize a lot. Sometimes I think the word sorry comes out of my mouth more than any other word.

So my intention for the program is this: To let go and step into my most powerful self.

I’m starting to feel calmer already 😉


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