Just One Thing

This isn’t working.

Despite my best efforts to eat well and move more, I’m not making any headway.

Are they my best efforts though? I thought they were, but it seems so easy to slip back into my old habits. Am I trying hard enough, or is it really impossible to change the habits I’ve cultivated over 38 years?

Or am I just too hard on myself?

I know my friends and family would whole-heartedly agree that I am too hard on myself. I get waaaaaay too serious and forget to enjoy the process (like it’s even possible to enjoy the process of depriving yourself of the very things you love 😛 ).

A little while ago I read a success story about a gentleman in Saskatchewan who lost 80 lb over a year. He started with walking, eventually working up to running. He started by walking just one mile on a treadmill. Just one. He changed just one thing.

I thought a lot about this over the last week.

When I get excited about something, I want to dive in head first. Change everything, shake it all up, and push ahead…no pain, no gain…shit or get off the pot…you get the idea. Inevitably though I get overwhelmed and stop whatever it is I’m doing. It’s the same thing every time, and I am so ready for it to stop. So I had an idea…

What if I just do one thing? Once a week, change one thing or try one new thing that’s going to push me forward to my goals. If I like it and it works, I keep going with it. If it doesn’t work, I try something else (or I may even decide I need more time with my “new thing”). I’m calling it my Just One Thing Project. On Friday’s I’ll post what my “just one thing” was for that week, and what the results were–good, bad, or ugly (oh please don’t there be any ugly).

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m going to abandon everything I’m doing and start from scratch, I’m just going to move forward…bigger and better…onwards and upwards…no pain, no…ok I’m sensing a pattern here…it’s ok, I’m calm…

And here we go…

PS – I’m learning about blog design, hence the new blog design. Don’t be surprised if the design changes 12 times in the next 12 months…I’m funny that way 😀


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