The Do-over

So the lovely Glitter, over at Glitter and Lazers Weight Loss Blog (a fantastic blog), recently wrote about how she had gottenThe Do Over off track with her health plan over the last couple of weeks.  She had fallen off the wagon and was having a hard time getting back on.  She is very brave to admit she’s fallen down, and in an effort to get back on track, Glitter decided to have a weight loss restart.  A do-over.

As someone who has struggled over the last few weeks as well, this resonated deeply with me.  I’ve been feeling pretty blah over the last few weeks—actually blah would be understatement.  I’ve been downright miserable.  There was moodiness, there were tears…there were several cupcakes eaten (among other things).

I signed up for a peer support group to get some help with binge eating.  Binging is something I struggle with and am trying hard to work out.  The group was, in my opinion, a disaster so I decided not to go back.  This just added fuel to the fire of how I was already feeling…instead of a slow downhill walk, I was running, sprinting downhill.  But with some good talks with some good friends, and the resolve to keep going, I’m now feeling more like myself.  That’s right, I’m back to my jovial, smart-ass self.  So, now I’m also proclaiming a do-over.

I’m sure there are some people out there saying, “There are no do-overs!  You can’t do that!”

Well guess what?  I just did.

And if I get knocked down again, I’m going to get back up and have another do-over.  As many times as it takes until I get it right.

So I set a few goals for June:

  1. Stick to my meal plan.
    I have planned my meals and grocery shopped for the week, and prepared as many things ahead of time that I can.  I’ll continue to do this for the next four weeks.  I get one cheat meal per week (scheduled this week for Friday night dinner) when I can eat whatever I want (hello macaroni and cheese).  But no binging.
  2. Just say no to sugary drinks.
    I managed to get off the hard stuff (soda pop), but it’s the other little drinks here and there—ice tea, lemonade, vodka and cranberry juice—that add up to a lot of extra calories and unnecessary sugar consumption.  So I’m calling it quits.  Water, milk, and tea (sans sugar) will be my beverages of choice.
  3. Get my ass to the gym at least 2x a week.
    I think this says it all.

So, there we go!  I’ve got a plan…I’ve got some momentum…I only have five more days until I can have mac and cheese 😛


8 thoughts on “The Do-over

  1. Do-overs are acceptable when it comes to your health. Give-up’s are not 🙂 glad you have decided to stick with it and have a do-over. I’m here to cheer you on. I look forward to checking out the blog you recommended

  2. Good luck! I’m rooting for you!! Do you have any non-foody rewards to look forward to if you do well? I find this can help.
    It’s also quite nice if you feel tempted to binge to sit instead and make a little estimate of how much you might have wasted on the food if you’d eaten it. You can then put that money in a pot and use it for your reward, like saving for a trip out or a new book or something. Grown up pocket money 😉

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