Aaaaaand We’re Back…

So, you may have noticed I’ve been absent for the past two weeks.  Or maybe I just have an ego the size of Montana thinking anyone noticed I wasn’t blogging. 😉

You know what happens when I get quiet…it means I’m up to no good.  Which I definitely was.

It started three days after the Saturday that I went for the 2.3 km hike.  When we last saw Victoria, she was noticeably sore, but working through it, and her ankle was feeling better.  Well, my ankle healed nicely thanks, however it was my right hamstring that posed the biggest challenge for me.  On the third day after the hike I woke up, put my feet on the floor, stood up, and screamed at the pain shooting down the back of my right leg.  I limped my way to the washroom, convincing myself I’d never walk again, envisioning myself with crutches or a  cane…how would I get around?  what would I do? how would I live??!!

Ok, I’m a bit of a drama queen sometimes, so shoot me.

Surrounding all of this is the fact that I also haven’t been eating very well.  Actually, eating with reckless abandon sounds more like it.  So to say I’ve been off-track is somewhat of an understatement.  I basically fell into vat of macaroni and cheese and tried to eat my way out.

This really didn’t serve me well the day I decided to go clothes shopping for a wedding I’m going to this weekend.  I can only equate the experience to the Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil spinning frantically around the dressing room while trying on clothes—that is if the Tasmanian Devil had also just gained a couple of pounds and started to cry after he couldn’t find anything that fit or looked right.  Yeah that’s right, I cried when I couldn’t find anything to wear.  I’m a girl, sometimes we do that (see drama queen reference above).  The really awful part about all of this is that after I finished my horrible clothes shopping expedition, all I wanted to do was eat.  So…I did.  I was emotionally charged and I took my frustrations out on myself by eating.  A bag of chips, a bottle of ice tea, two cupcakes, I think there was some ice cream in there somewhere, though I may have blacked out after the cupcakes.

When I first started writing the blog, I promised myself I wasn’t going to censor anything.  The point is to show the highs and the lows of trying to lose weight.  The highest highs and even the lowest lows.  I think it’s safe to say that the past two weeks have been a low point.  I was feeling pretty miserable, and sorry for myself, but after talking with a few friends, and now getting my feelings out on the blog, I’m definitely feeling better.

I even found something to wear to the wedding. 🙂

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