Healthy Habit #9: Drink Lemon Water

I wanted to reblog this post from Habits to Healthy because I think drinking lemon water is a great thing. I drink hot water with lemon in the morning, replacing my normal tea filled with milk and sugar. There are so many health benefits to lemon water, and I love it. Give it a try!

Habits to Healthy

Healthy Habit #9:  Drink Lemon Water

Most of us know about the many health benefits of drinking water, the elixir of life.  It hydrates your body from within, flushes out toxins, and transports nutrients and oxygen to your cells.  It is essential to get enough water and stay hydrated in order to be healthy. But if you want to kick your water up a notch, add some fresh lemon to it.

Lemons are an amazing little fruit.  Not only do they add a nice pop of color to a kitchen table, but they offer tremendous health and alkalizing benefits.  Lemons are full of vitamin C, citric acid, potassium, are a natural diuretic, and help to cleanse your liver of toxins.  But the thing I love most about lemons is the alkalizing effect they have on your body.

Let me explain.

Your body’s pH (potential of hydrogen) has a significant impact on your health.  Being either too alkaline or too acidic is not good. …

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