Little Victories

My wonderful friend Randy took the time to comment on my blog on Sunday, and his words reminded me that I need to show more appreciation for the little victories in my life.  Today I had three that I’d like to share.

Living in the Moment

I took the day off from work today and spent it with my parents and my brother.  We took a little road trip to Niagara Falls and just spent the day wandering, talking, and laughing.  We laugh a lot when we’re together, which I love.  We ate breakfast at one of my favourite places, walked around the little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, gambled a little at the casino in Niagara Falls, and then hit up one of our favourite places for dinner.  I love days like that—no worry, no stress—just in the moment enjoying it all.  Because of today, I’m marking #96 off of my 100 by 40 list.  I spent the whole day not worrying about anything.

Getting Noticed

Today, both my parents noticed that I had lost weight.  The are both aware of my weight loss endeavours, and know exactly how much weight I have lost to date, but today they both said that they could see that my shape is starting to change.  This is exciting to me because it’s really the first time since I’ve started losing weight that something other than the numbers on the scale is changing.

A Tight Fit

Normally, when I my parents, my brother, and I go out somewhere together in my brother’s car, I sit in the back seat with my mom.  Before I had started losing weight, it was hard to get the seat belt around me.  It’s a mid-size car, and even at 5’6″ I find the back seat a little snug.  It’s normally a bit of a fight that results in me muttering curse words under my breath and ultimately holding the seat belt with one hand to hold it closed because I’m tired of fighting with it.  Today, when I got into the back seat, I slid the seat belt across my body and in one quick motion clicked it closed.  I sat there stunned for a minute because I wasn’t even really sure what had just happened.  Was I just sitting in a different position?  Did my brother have his seat belts lengthened?  I got in and out of that car half a dozen times today and every time I settled in and heard “click”.  I swear that little click is one of the best sounds I have ever heard and is motivating me to keep pushing forward.

Revel in the little victories my friends, they can mean more than you could ever imagine.


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