Love Notes

On Friday I was cleaning up my iPhone—updating apps, cleaning out old emails, etc.—when I came across a note that I had written to myself.  I wrote this on August 8, 2012, almost 8 months ago:

What if today, and everyday, I just decided to do better?  To do better, to feel better, to look better, to BE better.  Better than all the days before it.  Make a conscious effort to be present in my life, rather than watching from the sidelines as though my life is a spectator sport I have no control over.  Not letting my days pass by wishing things could be different, but actually getting up every morning vowing to MAKE things different.  Be confident in myself and the choices I am making in my life.

I haven’t done that.  The question is…what the hell am I waiting for?

Hands down, best thing I’ve ever written. 🙂

Weigh-in today – 0.5 lost.  Not a massive achievement, but I’m enjoying the fact that after a stressful week I didn’t gain.  Relish in even the smallest victories 🙂


One thought on “Love Notes

  1. 0.5 lost IS a massive achievement…believe in yourself, friend.

    The weigh in showed weight loss.
    You cleaned up your iPhone.
    You found your old note and posted it!
    You’ve challenged yourself to live up to the note.
    You congratulated yourself for what you wrote.

    I dunno…I just counted 5 things that pushed you toward a better self.

    Embrace it! Celebrate it! Crow about it!

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