100 by 40

This is a list (in no particular order) of 100 things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 40-years-old.  My start date is March 29th, 2013, my 38th birthday.  Seven hundred and thirty days until I turn 40.  And…….go.

1.  Get a part of my body pierced, other than my ears

2.  Be fluent in a language other than English

3.  Run a 5 km race

4.  Make at least five new friends

5.  Be able to do 10 push-ups in a row

6.  Sing karaoke

7.  Play the tables at the casino, not just the slots

8.  Go to New York City

9.  Go to California

10.  Own a car

11.  Learn how to salsa dance

12.  Join a book club

13.  Reach my goal weight of 140 lb

14.  Have photos taken of me by a professional photographer

15.  Go back to school and study something I want to learn as opposed to what I think I should learn

16.  Learn to juggle

17.  Finish an entire knitting project

18.  Finish an entire crochet project

19.  This one is private

20.  This one is private

21.  Take singing lessons

22.  Complete one random act of kindness once a month for a whole year

23.  Go on an international habitat for humanity build

24.  Run a 10 km race

25.  Visit every province and territory in Canada (right now I’m 6 for 13)

26.  Throw a really cool dinner party

27.  Own a wardrobe that I love

28.  Love my body

29.  Go to the airport, look up at the board, buy a ticket on the next available flight and just go….wherever

30.  Fly first-class

31.  Get a massage one a month for a year

32.  For one whole day, say yes to everything

33.  Go to the ballet at Christmas to see the Nutcracker (I haven’t been since I as 5)

34.  Write a novel in 30 days during National Novel Writing Month

35.  Get 500 followers on my blog

36.  Learn how to do the web design for my own blog

37.  Get a blog in “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress

38.  Meditate every day for 30 days

39.  Buy and wear a pair of amazing high heels

40.  Find the perfect little black dress and wear it

41.  Get my third tattoo

42.  Pet a giraffe

43.  Take an art class

44.  Go vegan for a month

45.  Fall in love

46.  When someone offers me a compliment, smile, thank them, and believe it is true

47.  Learn first aid and CPR

48.  Take a cooking class

49.  Furnish and decorate my apartment and make it my own

50.  This one is private

51.  Take a yoga class

52.  This one is private

53.  This one is private

54.  Learn to do a magic trick

55.  Go to a masquerade or costume party

57.  Don’t talk for one whole day

58.  Learn sign language

59.  Take the train all the way to the end of the GO Transit Lakeshore line and back again, just because

60.  Write a song

61.  Try riding a Vespa

62.  Take proper piano lessons

63.  Read a whole book in a day

64.  Read every Pulitzer prize-winning novel

65.  See a show on Broadway

66.  Conquer my fear of heights

67.  Go to the Quebec Winter Carnival

68.  Take a picture everyday for a year

69.  Go to the Dusk ’till Dawn show at the drive-in and stay awake for every movie

70.  Enjoy trying on clothes

71.  Travel to Asia

72.  Learn to play tennis

73.  Make my home clutter-free

74.  Go on a hike without getting lost or hurt

75.  Go whale watching

76.  See the Aurora Borealis

77.  Get kissed at midnight on New Year’s Eve

78.  Go on a trip somewhere with my mom

79.  Learn to snap my fingers with my left hand

80.  Learn to write legibly with my left hand

81.  Read an entire newspaper

82.  Send a postcard into Post Secret

83.  Go one week without complaining

84.  Learn origami and be able to make five figures from memory

85.  Try wearing contact lenses

86.  Get a pedicure once a month for a year

87.  Dye my hair blonde

88.  Tell people in my life I love them…I don’t do that enough

89.  Kiss someone like my life depends on it

90.  Believe that I am enough

91.  Take a chance, a risk…close my eyes, count to three, and dive in

92.  This one is private

93.  Let go

94.  Donate blood regularly for a year

95.  Write in a journal everyday for one year – chronicle EVERYTHING

96.  Spend a whole day not worrying about ANYTHING Completed April 1, 2013

97.  Learn Krav Maga

98.  Eat at a restaurant featured on “You’ve Gotta Eat Here” that is not in Ontario

99.  Write a letter to myself to open when I turn 50

100.  On my 40th birthday, look back on my 30’s with fondness and satisfaction and look toward my 40’s with excitement and anticipation


8 thoughts on “100 by 40

  1. Alison (Whalley) Pen says:

    DO NOT dye your hair blonde!!! lol…..and if you need help getting over your fear of heights i can help with that…Add skydiving to your list and come visit me! 😉 Happy Birthday girl!!!

    • Victoria says:

      But it’s the only colour I haven’t been yet! I thought about skydiving Alison, but I don’t know if I’m there yet…will keep it in mind though, maybe before I’m 50! 😛

  2. Victoria, I have just come across your blog via your response to Kyla’s blog about Blissdom. I have all the same reservations as you about Blissdom but you’ve inspired me! Your blog is great and although I’ve seen 40 come and go a few years ago, I share many of your 100 by 40 goals, except mine would have to be by 45 , I guess! Hope to meet you at Blissdom!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks Jackie and thank you for checking out my blog! It’s definitely a work in progress (just like me!). 100 by 45 sounds good to me…it’s never too late to get started. It would be great to meet you at Blissdom as well, let’s keep in touch!

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